Anaerobic Digester at BioTown USA

Bio Town® Ag’s Energy Center, located just north of the Town of Reynolds, utilizes the manure generated from Bio Town® Ag’s cattle feedlot and swine facility along with other organic products for processing in an anaerobic digester to generate methane gas.  The gas is then used to power internal combustion engines to generate 3 megawatts of electricity per hour, which supports the BioTown® USA initiative of developing a community that is self-sustainable using bio-renewable resources.
The electricity is placed on the NIPSCO distribution line and consumed locally.  Additionally there will be equipment to process the effluent coming from the digester, separate the solids from the liquid and filter the water.  The complete process will allow for reuse of  the byproducts in the livestock or farming operation or marketed as fertilizer.
BioTown® USA educational outreach to schools, civic groups and businesses.
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