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We Have Jobs Here...
You name it it's likely produced in mid-north Indiana, where advanced manufacturing thrives. Everything from automobiles, gears, engines and truck trailers to ignition coils, window panels, resistors, ice cream, door frames and calendars roll off local production lines and head for world markets.

From living well to succeeding in careers, we rank as The Place of Choice.

Step into the good life. Wake up in more house for your money; take a short, easy commute to work or school; and enjoy the richness of the arts, exciting sports, and plentiful options for dining, shopping and night life. Education and healthcare earn high marks here, and so does our Midwestern friendliness.

We Have Training Here...
Need training to qualify for manufacturing jobs? Full scholarships are available for the Certified Production Technician Program, taught by Ivy Tech Corporate College in Lafayette, Indiana.

This comprehensive credential opens doors for direct hire at dozens of area industries. You'll learn about manufacturing processes, equipment, safety, leadership, quality and todays latest technologies. Classes are available days, evenings and Saturdays so those currently employed can keep their jobs while mastering the skills needed for industrial posts.

You'll also take field trips to various manufacturing sites, giving you a glimpse of what it's like to work in different environments. And in just eight weeks, you can be ready for a new career. Job opportunities are waiting for you.

Recent Happenings...
A Manufacturing Day was held in 12 counties across West Central Indiana on October 3, 2014.  Click here to view a video presentation or watch below:

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