White County Workforce


AgribusinessFrom the days of native peoples and pioneers to today's agribusiness owners, agriculture has successfully sustained this northwest region of Indiana. About two-thirds of White County is prairie, mostly arms of the Grand Prairie, with rich soil, easily farmed to produce wheat, corn, rye, oats, roots and fruit. Because grass also grows well in this prairie land, no part of Indiana is better adapted for raising livestock.

In addition to being home to seed corn companies, White County is the number-one popcorn-producing county in Indiana, and Indiana is one of the top popcorn-producing states in the United States


LogisticsWhite County is centrally located in the northwest region of Indiana, approximately 100 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois, 90 miles northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana, and just 10 miles north of Lafayette, Indiana. The proximity of convenient routes, via Interstate 65, to access both Chicago and Indianapolis only enhance the advantages this area offers to logistics industries looking for a new place to locate. The area has excellent distribution opportunities with access to the interstate highway system via Interstate 65 and exchanges within five miles of two communities in our county. Rail transportation is available from CSX and Genesee & Wyoming Inc., with piggyback access to Burlington-Northern. International airports in Chicago and Indianapolis, a regional airport in Lafayette, and a county airport in Monticello help make air transportation very accessible.


ManufacturingImageWhite County offers manufacturers trained and experienced workers who still manifest a strong Midwest work ethic and loyalty to their employers. It offers company executives and their families a higher quality of life, away from the demands and pressures of densely urban settings.