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WISER is about Networking, Educating, Promoting, and Generating Sustainable and Renewable Energy ideas in this region.


Bringing together community members to think energy and how they can work together to solve problems.


Visiting classrooms of youth interested in learning more about what makes energy "Renewable" or "Sustainable". Providing tours is a great avenue to opening eyes to the future of energy collections/consumption.

Did you know that White County alone has 5 renewable and sustainable energy projects?


Did you know that Hoosiers spend $24 billion on fossil fuels each year, and of this, $22 billion is purchased from outside of Indiana? That’s $22,000,000,000 each year that leaves the state economy—not a sustainable economic policy. WISER works with all energy stakeholders, including consumers, to reverse the flow of energy dollars out of Western Indiana, and to help make sustainable energy an engine that drives our region’s economy.


Western Indiana is blessed with incredible native energy sources such as wind, agricultural resources for biomass and second generation bio-fuel production. We’re also blessed with great amounts of Hoosier “know-how” and “can-do” that will help us use energy more efficiently, develop new sustainable energy technologies, and then manufacture the components required by the new technologies.

To learn more about our tours, see our brochure.  To schedule a tour of our WISER Sites, please click here.

WISER - a BioTown™ USA Initiative.
C/O White County Economic Development
P.O. Box 1031, Monticello, IN 47960
PH: 574-583-6557