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Supplies and Resources for Food and Beverage Production

White County, Indiana is in the heart of the Heartland, located midway between Chicago and Indianapolis and surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile farmland. That gives food manufacturers easy access to huge inputs of corn, soybeans, wheat, popcorn, swine, and poultry — and ensures that they can quickly ship finished products to warehouses, distribution centers, and cold storage facilities, and to consumer markets throughout much of the nation. In addition, our area’s abundant supplies of fresh water and other affordable utilities support production.

Our agricultural heritage has created a workforce that’s not afraid of hard work and proud of a job well done, and local education providers are dedicated to keeping our workforce pipeline full. From K-12 through postsecondary programs, educators are focused on sharpening skills in advanced manufacturing, culinary arts, engineering, and other skills that are in high demand. Local employers have developed a tight-knit community, collaborating to achieve common needs and strengthen our area’s overall economic health.

The Hoosier Lift transload facility provides easy rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail loading and unloading of inputs such as grains, meats, oils, flours, sweeteners, sauces, dairy products, and other ingredients. It’s operated by Genesee & Wyoming’s Toledo, Peoria & Western, with close connections to a CSX mainline that also serves our county.