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Plenty of Power to Support Your Business Goals

White County, Indiana has an abundant supply of utilities from multiple providers, all of whom are eager to respond to the needs of new facilities with affordable rates and attentive service. Each of our county’s business parks offers a unique mix of utility providers.


More than 600 acres (3,642 mu) of developable land, including certified Shovel-Ready Gold parcels, means there is plenty of room to grow. The park is located just one mile (1.6 km) from Interstate 65, so trucks can be operating at Interstate speed in just minutes.

The park’s onsite utilities include excess water capacity of 430,000 gallons/day and delivered through 4”, 6”, and 10” mains. There is 500,000 gallons/day of wastewater capacity through 8” mains. Water services are provided by the Town of Remington and wastewater services are provided by the Town of Wolcott. NIPSCO supplies natural gas through a 10” high-pressure main that’s ideal for high-volume users. Carroll White REMC and Wabash Valley Power have a 3-phase 480-volt electrical circuit with 14 megawatts of capacity, and broadband capacity of up to 100 gigabytes is available through Zayo, Century Link, and Comcast


Conveniently located to all the amenities available in Monticello, this park provides 100+ Indiana Certified Shovel-Ready acres, all within a TIF area. The park’s onsite utilities include excess water capacity of 2.8 million gallons/day, supported by three 500,000-gallon water towers, and delivered through a 12” main by the City of Monticello. The City also handles wastewater, with 10” mains and 200,000 gallons/day of excess capacity. NIPSCO supplies natural gas through an 8” high-pressure steel transmission line and plastic distribution mains, as well as electricity through 138 kV and 69 kV transmission lines and 12.5 kV distribution trunks. Broadband capacity of up to 10 gigabytes is also available.


White County has long been at the forefront of alternative energy development, making our area an excellent choice for companies that are committed to sustainability. The county is home to wind farms that include hundreds of turbines, two hydroelectric dams, a large biomass/biofuel digester, and a landfill that efficiently converts landfill gas to energy. The WCEDO team is happy to arrange group tours of our county’s sustainable energy facilities.

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