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White County is Fertile Ground for Growing Business Sectors

White County, Indiana is located in the very center of the automotive corridor that spans from central Michigan to Alabama, putting nearly 200 OEMs and assembly facilities within a one-day drive.

The county is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile farmland. That gives food manufacturers easy access to huge inputs of corn, soybeans, wheat, popcorn, swine, and poultry — and ensures that they can quickly ship finished products to warehouses, distribution centers, and cold storage facilities, and to consumer markets throughout much of the nation.

With Purdue University just 30 miles/48 km away, White County is an ideal site for start-up companies in these fields, as well as existing organizations that would benefit from access to the latest research, such as manufacturers of animal health products, crop input products, food research companies, medical device makers, pharmaceutical product manufacturers, and other providers of products and services.

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